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Acreage and artist pics by Ian


Chris Ronald

BC, Canada

Sunday, October 15th 2017

Well that’s another season of house concerts over!

And a brilliant season it was—though we say so ourselves!

We’re off on our assorted vacations for the next 5 months!

Hope you all enjoy your Summer and hope we see you in the Fall!

And a very big THANK YOU to the anonymous guest who made that draw prize happen!


Congratulations to Val & Terry—the draw winners for a full set of the artists’ CD’s from our 2016/2017 season!

And a very big THANK YOU to other anonymous donors who made contributions to R.Ouse expenses!

And as usual a very big THANK YOU to BLACKTOP PAVING INC. for their special support of R.Ouse House Concerts and the gifts that they provide for our concert intermission draws!


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