Sorry — no more!


For almost twenty years we have had the wonderful pleasure of hosting folk-roots house concerts here on our special acreage.


We have had the opportunity to meet and hear many wonderful artists, greet lots of lovely concert guests and to have made some very special friendships over those years.


We are proud that we have enabled our guests to put over $100,000 into the hands of musicians who put their reputations on the line every day and do not lead a life of luxury in pursuit of their art and passions.  Thank you all house concert guests for coming to the concerts and donating so generously to these special artists.


But all good things must come to an end and our abilities to continue to host are now declining.   Although hosting house concerts is great fun and a splendid way of contributing to music, culture and community, it is now a little like hard work for us both and we are quitting now while we have been able to maintain our standards for all the communications, administration, hosting and the logistics of the actual performances.




So — as Porky Pig so clearly and concisely put it:

Sorry—but there will be no more house concerts at R.Ouse!

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