Heartland Ukulele Lovers of Alberta (HULA)  Society

Whether you're a ukulele novice or a seasoned strummer HULA is for you!  HULA  is free and fun! 

We welcome ALL ukulele players and fans!  Any age, any ability, anybody!!  Come and join us!


We play and sing songs that are as old as 200 years through to present day, popular songs such as Taylor Swift songs but we don’t play any religious, heavy metal, punk or rap “music”.  We only sing songs with English or simpler Native American Indigenous lyrics .


Yellow = The Daily Ukulele:

365 Songs for Better Living

by Liz & Jim Beloff

Want to join us at HULA? 

We hope so!


Please send us an email and we will put you on our mailing list so you will get information updates, reminders of the next meeting and directions to our meeting venue.

Blue = The Daily Ukulele: Leap Year Edition:

366 More Great Songs for Better Living

by Liz & Jim Beloff


We are a group of 20 or so folks who love to play ukulele and sing!  We normally meet twice a month, usually every two weeks, on Sunday afternoons in the rec. room of our acreage home in Strathcona County close in to Sherwood Park.


We also host impromptu, summer ukulele events and celebrations at parks and other locations in and around Strathcona County.  We play and sing for ourselves and for others  -  in social clubs, community centres and senior’s retirement centres.


In addition we all love to attend events with other ukulele circles in places such as Fort Edmonton Park, The Valley Zoo, Broadmoor Park, the John Janzen Nature Centre and others! 

Click here to contact us:

You will need a ukulele, but we even have “loaners” for all of those if you want to just try it out.  It’s easy and fun!

Our biggest single source of songs is from  internet sites that share music.  And the second biggest source is from the Liz & Jim Beloff “Daily Ukulele” books shown on this page.


In addition to the Beloff books we share songs from other Ukulele Circles’ web sites and any other sources with due regard to copyright issues .