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Corona virus and HULA


As we are all aware, we cannot have physical meetings of HULA at this time.  As we write this we are half way through our 14 day isolation as a result of being in Costa Rica earlier this month and the likely situation for Alberta seems to be that we will all still be practicing “social distancing” for at least another 4 weeks and likely more.


Thankfully we have access to Information Technology tools that can help us practice our playing and singing and we have created the first of two VIRTUAL HULA methods of playing “together”.




Go to the HULA Songs and Songbooks link on this and other pages

and look for a song book that has YouTube boxes on it that look like this:


Each box is linked to the title of a song in that songbook and if you click on the box you will be directed

to a video on YouTube of Lynne and I playing that song.  The video has lyrics and chords on the screen using Onsong.


We will be adding more YouTube videos for the rest of the St.Patricks Day songbook and then we will be doing videos for the “Songs for a Senior’s Spring Singalong” book so keep looking for those YouTube boxes on the HULA songs and songbooks page!




To use Virtual HULA 2 you will need a desktop computer with a camera or and iPhone or an iPad and have downloaded the Zoom application onto one or more of those machines.


When you have registered with Zoom you will need to let us know through email so we can add you to the list of users.


We will be scheduling and creating meetings of those who want to join in a video and sound link to play and sing together.


Meetings can only last up to 40 minutes and are dependant on internet speed– which is unfortunately slowing as more people use these tools.  Edmonton Ukulele Circle has used Zoom successfully and Terry said it was just fine!  Let’s give it a go!