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Hello and Aloha!


We are “The Kupunas” (The Elders)– a local Ukulele band of six enthusiastic, amateur musicians who love to play, on a voluntary, no-fee basis, performances of ukulele music and singing especially for seniors and for anyone who wants to listen and join in the fun!


We typically play a 45 – 60 minute set of songs geared to an imminent public celebration and always include songs from Hawaii and those early years of “Golden Oldies”.

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We have created our own set lists for Canada Day, Remembrance Day, St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day / Spring.

 Eventually we will have performances geared for the whole year.

 ”The Kupunas” was created with four intentions:

To enable personal growth of the band members in ukulele music and ukulele playing skills in a group environment.

To provide – on a voluntary basis - performances of ukulele music for secular, non-profit organizations, and family, friends and colleagues of the band members.

To enhance social interactions with other band members and the ukulele community at large.

To have fun in all aspects of the band’s activities.

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