For almost twenty years we hosted folk / roots house concerts at our acreage home in Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada.   All the concerts were great entertainment for our guests and great fun for us but we realized that the work in hosting was becoming increasingly onerous for us as we age and in 2019 we reluctantly decided to stop before we made a mess of things!


These pages on our web site make up our memorabilia of R.Ouse House Concerts  -  good times and fond memories of our association with our favourite people of the planet  -  singer / songwriters of the folk / roots genre and supportive concert guests.


We are proud that we enabled guests to put over $100,000 into the pockets of these passionate and dedicated musicians.


Click on any (all!) of the R.Ouse “Wall of Fame” pictures below to get a little experience of  our house concerts:

John Wort Hannam

and the Sound Merchants

Ab  -  February 2005

Karen Savoca

& Pete Heitzman

NY, USA  -  October 2005



Wales, UK  -  January 2008

Jez Lowe


Northumberland, UK

October 2008

Maria Dunn &

Daniel Gervais

Alberta, Canada

October 2010

Ben Sures


Alberta, Canada 

March 2011

The Laws


Ontario, Canada

May 2011



for the birds


BC, Canada

June 2011

Steve Palmer


Saskatchewan, Canada

November 2011

Gordie Tentrees &

 John Wort Hannam

Alberta & Yukon

January 2012

Cara Luft


Ontario, Canada

February 2012

Valdy &

Gary Fjellgaard

BC Canada

March 2012




April 2012

Martyn Joseph


Wales, UK

August 2012

Garnet Rogers


Ontario, Canada

September 2012

JP Hoe


Manitoba, Canada

October 2012

Wendell & Wheat


Ontario, Canada

November 2012

Highway 3


Alberta, Canada

December 2012

Bill Werthmann

& Friends

Alberta, Canada

January 2013

Harp Rouge


Alberta & BC, Canada

February 2013

Hardin Burns



October 2013

Christa Couture

& Threza

BC & Alberta, Canada

September 2013

Greg Trooper



April 2013

Maria Dunn &

Jeremiah McDade

Alberta, Canada

March 2013



Newfoundland, Canada

November 2013

Danny Schmidt &

Carrie Elkin

California, USA

January 2014

Dave Gunning


Newfoundland, Canada

January 2014

Wendell & Wheat


Ontario, Canada

February 2014

Steve Palmer

Saskatchewan, Canada

March 2014

James Hill & Anne Janelle


Nova Scotia, Canada

April 2014

The Slocan Ramblers


Ontario, Canada

August 2014

100 mile house


Alberta, Canada

April 2014