“Come fly with the Strathcona County Ukulele Circle”

Whether you're a ukulele novice or a seasoned strummer the Strathcona County Ukulele Circle is for you! 

We welcome ALL ukulele players and fans!  Any age, any ability, anybody!!

You say you can't sing and can barely play ukulele? NO PROBLEM! We do this for fun! Sing and play as loud and free as you like because everyone else will be doing the same!  We're not scary or intimidating, and we have the whole range of playing abilities!


The circle is led by Dr. Monique Boyer—Music Teacher, Wye Elementary School

and Andy Funke - Music Teacher, Mills Haven Elementary School.

Yellow =  The Daily Ukulele:

365 Songs for Better Living by Liz & Jim Beloff

Blue =  The Daily Ukulele: Leap Year Edition:

366 More Great Songs for Better Living by Liz & Jim Beloff


We get most of our music from

the following ukulele books:

Want to join us in the Ukulele Circle? 

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reminders of the next meeting and directions to our meeting venue.

Contact us

Next “regular” SCUC meeting  -  Sunday, October 1st 2017 at 2:00pm

(at the new location  -  Safeway  -  in Sherwood Park Mall)

The Strathcona County Ukulele Circle meets at

2:00pm on the first Sunday of every month

at the Safeway store in Sherwood Park Mall