We live on 5 acres of treed land south of Sherwood Park on the edge of the Boreal Forest in Alberta, Canada.

We get to enjoy lots of peace and quiet and wildlife with 31 (spotted so far!) varieties of birds  - and foxes, coyotes, squirrels, deer, moose and even the occasional bear! But none of those are allowed in the Ouse!

Local rumour has it that we also get a very occasional cougar (footprints were found and the Fish & Wildlife Officer said they were cougar!) - but we haven’t seen one and hope it stays that way!

We are Lynne & Ian Pregitzer - “old folkies” and we host four or five house concerts each year for full-time, professional, touring musicians from October through to March each year.



About Us

We were the feature family in the monthly magazine “Neighbours Around The Park” in November 2017 and this picture of our extended family was published along with all sorts of details and secrets about our life together!


Now we are celebrities!  For $50 we will sign a copy of the magazine for you to frame!  :)


You are welcome!



Contact us


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