Information for artists

Our home is strictly non-smoking, non-”vaping” and drug-free.  Guests are invited to BYOB and we make a secret profit on the bottle deposit return (we have made as much as $4.80! – but don’t tell the tax man!)

We ensure that 100% of the donations ($25 per seat is the usual recommended donation) at the door are for the artist.  We do not ask the artist to contribute to our expenses.

We are ok with signing a contract but we cannot provide a guaranteed minimum door take.


We host house concerts in our basement games room which is approximately 800 sq ft.  There is sufficient performance space for a trio or a “cozy” quartet.   We can accommodate a maximum of 45 guests (40 is best for seating) and their seating is in a theatre style. 

Attendance is typically around 90% and often a “full house”.

Concerts are typically 2x45 minutes duration with a 20-30 intermission with complimentary beverages and cookies for everyone.

Guests are reminded that the concert is being held in a listening room and that talking during a performance is discouraged.  Singing along - when prompted by the artist - is not only allowed - it is “compulsory”! :)

Artist merchandise is controlled and accounted for by a volunteer and promoted by the announcer.  All merchandise proceeds are forwarded to the artist.

The performance area is separately lit and we turn off the “house lights” during the show.

We have a decent sound system as follows:

· Yamaha EX66M 6 channel mixer / amp

· TOA 15” speakers

· 3 Shure SM58 vocal mikes and stands

· Yamaha floor monitors

We host four or five house concerts per year for folk,  roots, traditional, North American, British and Celtic full-time, professional, touring musicians from October through to April each year.

We host house concerts for folk, country-folk, folk-blues, folk- roots, indie-folk, traditional, North American, British and Celtic music.   

We do not host for rock, jazz, religious or rap music — sorry — not our taste.  We also only host for artists who sing in the English language.

We do not host for amateur, part-time or non-touring musicians — sorry — this is for full-time, professional, touring musicians only.

We have two nice bedrooms for artists and provide supper on the day of the concert and breakfast the day after.


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