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To join us at one of our house concerts you need to be invited which we do entirely by email.  We send out our initial invitations to individual concerts 4 weeks prior to the date of the concert.  To be on our email list we need to know who you are – as you can imagine we’re not too keen on having unknown strangers wandering around our home.  Our guests are family, neighbours, colleagues, friends, friends-of-friends, friends-of-friends-of-friends and people we have met at folk festivals and other concerts.  We really do encourage others to join us.  Send us an email !  All “folkies” are welcome!  Contact us!


Our basement games room is converted into a small theatre for the concert and is a “listening room”.  Fellow guests are there to listen to the concert and talking during a performance is discouraged.  Singing when prompted by the artist is not only allowed – it is “compulsory”! :)

Our home is a non-smoking and “non-vaping” area and guests are very welcome to bring wine or beer or whatever is their preference for the concert.  We provide “nibblies” on your table and complimentary bottled water, tea, coffee and cookies are available at the concert’s intermission.  The only things that guests have to do is to reserve seats, attend, make an artist donation and enjoy themselves!

Two weeks prior to a concert we send out reminder  invitations or let everyone know that the concert seats are all reserved and we have a “full house”.

One week prior to the concert we send out final confirmations of seat reservations and remind guests that if they cancel after this time they are expected to meet their donation obligations to the artist (which we will make on your behalf on the concert night) unless we have a waiting list for seat reservations.

Three or four days prior to the concert we send out final details of the concert and directions to our acreage.

We host four or five house concerts per year from October through to April for full-time, professional, touring artists  -  no amateurs thank you. 

We host house concerts for folk,  roots, traditional, North American, British and Celtic music and singing in English

We do not host for pop, rock, jazz, religious or rap music  - sorry  -  not our taste.

We don’t allow drop-in guests at the concerts – our guests need to reserve their seats which they can do in response to a concert invitation.  Just tell us how many seats you want and we will confirm their availability by return email.

If you choose to not come to our house concerts at some point we will remove your name from our mailing list—either by your request or if you have not been to the last three or four concerts.  We don’t want to bother you with unwanted invitations but if you want to be back on the list then just let us know.

People ask us what we do when (few) people don’t turn up and don’t pay. 

Well, we swallow the cost of the donation to the artist and take those miserable misers off our invitation list!  Fortunately there have been very few over the years and, strangely enough, all their names all began with “Mac”! or “Mc”!  Perhaps the old adage about “frugal Scots”is true after all! 

(Just kidding! The real Scots we know are nice folks!  Those cheaters are just nasty!)


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