“R.Ouse House Concerts” is simply a name we chose to promote our private events.  These concerts are not a business nor are they a business-related activity.  This is strictly a hobby for us and our house concert are a private gathering of family, colleagues, friends, friends-of-friends and invited guests to enjoy live acoustic music and fun. 

Our concerts are "officially free" but a suggested donation of $25 per seat (unless otherwise stated) is accepted on behalf of the musicians.   All donations go to the musicians.    We don’t keep a penny.


What are

house concerts?

Our house concerts are just what they sound like - a complete live concert performance by full-time, professional musicians located directly in the biggest room of our house – our basement games room.  House concerts are PRIVATE events and are NOT open to the general public  -  attendance is by invitation only.

House concerts are not free events. These shows are delivered by full-time, professional touring artists who have spent their lifetime learning their trade. House concerts have a triple function. They support artists' ability to make a living,  they make music accessible on a grass roots level, and lastly, they connect people; a social engine that helps build community. 

Our house concerts offer a unique way to spend your evening in an intimate setting listening to top quality musicians. Maybe you don't even know the artist being presented, but you'll enjoy great live music in an informal setting free from smoke, “vaping”, drugs, TV's, chatter and "bar" noise.

We provide comfortable seating in a cosy setting and complimentary bottled water, tea, coffee and cookies are available at the concert’s intermission. You are very welcome to bring your own bottle of wine or whatever is your preference.


At the intermission and after the show you will likely be able to purchase a personally autographed CD or two directly from the artist, mingle with new & old friends, meet the artist and have a chat.

House concerts are nothing new. Started in the 16th Century, house concerts were held in a nobleman’s home. Today they are held in our homes, backyards or even small halls in our neighbourhoods. A lot of people are fans of music but don’t want to go to bars. This venture gives these fans a chance to have a great evening / afternoon up close and personal with some fantastic music.


This helps out touring artists that may have down time between bigger gigs. Or it can be just a solo artist wanting to tour to celebrate the release of a new CD.   For both the artists and the audience it is a win / win situation.

There are no tickets for our house concerts  -  only seat reservations  -  and your donations to the artists.



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