Heartland Ukulele Lovers of Alberta




Your Ukulele if you play ukulele!

A kazoo if you do or don’t!

Lawn chair

Music stand

Woodstuke music

Sun hat and sun block (hopefully necessary!)

Bug spray (hopefully not necessary!)

Beer, wine, or whatever is your fancy

Pot luck item if you are staying for supper

Your own water bottle, cup, knife, fork and spoon (we will provide paper plates)

Jacket or blankie if you are staying for the movie and fireside strumming

Yellow and Blue books if you are staying for fireside strumming

Combustible materials for the Smoking Area if you use them

And above all else  —  your singing voice!


Stuff you will need for “Woodstuke”


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We will have:


· M&W Porta-Potty Biffies

· Cold Drinking Water Station

· Bags of Ice

· Registered Disabled Car Parking stalls


If you are staying for the pot-luck supper we will have:

· Paper Plates

· Napkins and seasonings

· Bread Buns and Butter

· Washing Station for your cups and cutlery